2017/10/03 Surveying project

Location: Sarvajanik College of Engineering & Technology, Surat. 

Time: 8:30 AM to 1:30 PM

We had to perform two practicals based on our syllabus on that day. The whole class gathered at the Surveying lab at 8:30 am onwards . We were divided into two batches. The first practical was Gale’s Traverse & the second practical was Plotting the Curves.

Gale’s Traverse Table:

In this practical, we plotted the main stations and the building stations on the field. We performed many activities like chaining, offsetting, measuring the distances and measuring the angles between main stations. After that the calculation was done and the sheets were drawn. 

Calculation of travers
Sheet of traverse

Offsetting from long chord:-

We already complete all the calculation of this curve means length of tangent,angle and offsets length.After it we directly plot the curve by measuring angle with the use of theodolite and horizontal distance with the use of tape.This curve was plot by batch-A

Curve was ploted by Batch-A on field

Full Batch photo


2017/10/13 Product development canvas

Product development canvas

Learning Design Engineering

This is the last sheet for Design Engineering 1-A. We had to identify the problems and the possibile solutions from the ideation canvas. After that, we had to think about a product that can be developed for solving the problem. 

Purpose: why are you making the product

People: for whom you are making the product

Product Experience: what are you expecting from the product

Product Functions: what your product can do

Product Features: what are the qualities of your product

Components: what your product includes

Customer Revalidation: Thoughts of the people for whom you are making the product

2017/10/13 GAG project

Subject: Geotechnics and Applied Geology

Geotechnics and Applied Geology chart


We had to make a chart based on Geotechnical Properties of Different Soils found in surat different zones. We divided the zone in our group and each member collected the data of provided zone. Then all the data were assembled and we made a chart. On 13th October, 2017 we gave the presentation in our lab.

Different Geotechnical Properties

Permeability:-it is the property of the soil to transmit the water and air through it.

Liquid Limit:-it is the water content at which the soil behaves practically like a liquid but has small shear strength.

Plastic Limit:-it is defined as the moisture content where the thread breaks apart at a diameter of 3mm.

Porosity:-It is define as the ratio of volume of voids to total volume of soil in a given sample.

Void ratio:– It is a ratio of volume of voids to total volume of soil solid in a given sample of soil.

The data of these geotechnical properties for different zones of surat is given in the picture above

2017/10/10 Ideation canvas

Ideation canvas


In this ideation canvas we have to find the difficulty from our domain.And find the maximum possible solution for the difficulties.


  • To list out people who are facing the problem.
  • Write down the activities done by them.
  • List out where, when and how they are facing the problematic situations.
  • Identify the problems.
  • Think about possible solutions. Write down the props used for them.

2017/07/25 Spoken tutorial

Online tutorial watching


Online Tutorial Class was conducted by our Civil Engineering Faculties Prof. Payal Zaveri and Prof. Manisha Vashi. After logging in our accounts and complete the entry process, we watched online video tutorials of Libre Office Base. After that the feedback form was filled by us about the videos. After three weeks, the test was conducted. We appeared for the test and the certificate was generated. 

2017/07/01 Exuberance 2K17

Location: Sarvajanik College of Engineering & Technology, Surat.

Time: 1 PM to 2 PM

Event Name: Diwali Card Making

Event Type: Non Technical

Diwali card made by us

We had participated in the group of four people. We had to make Diwali Card for Indian Soldiers who protect us from all the enemies. There were more than fifty groups. All of them made diwali cards for soldiers along with wishes. 

Wishes for soldiers in card

2017/08/19  Empathy Mapping

Empathy canvas

Learning Design Engineering

Empathy means understanding and  awareness of other’s feelings. Empathy means feeling as someone. With Empathy Mapping, learner can understand the emotions of a user. 


Identify the user. Fill some basic informations like Name, Age, Number of Family Members in the first section.

Identify the stakeholders. Stakeholders are the persons who are involved in the activities of user.

Note down all the activities which are performed by that user. 

Create a story. Understand the emotions of the user. Think about what he/she will do in this situation and make Happy & Sad stories. 

For Empathy Mapping,

Avoid enforced observations.

User expectations play big role.

No step-1 for thinking approch of design thinking.

Avoid hypocrite thinking.

Enter to emotion of user.

Organic Evolution of Technology.